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Gamification & Interactive Experiences

We create engaging experiences for ad campaigns, promotions and marketing initiatives across industries to connect with target audiences.ā€‹

Gamification Platform

Our platform provides customized game templates for brands to easily set up gamified campaigns with minimal codingā€‹.

Gamified Journey

We incorporate gaming elements into digital products and services to drive long-term engagement and form users habitā€‹.

Spreading power
from channel delivery



AR Filter on Social Media

gameCreated with Sketch.

Facebook Instant Games

Point of Sale

Elevator Ads

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Event Games

Creative power
of various
experience types


Lucky wheel, Mystery box, Plinko, Lucky number


Infinite run, Match-3, Slingshot, Gacha


Metaverse, City building, Farming, Pet-raising


Competitive games, Co-op games


AR filter, AR/VR games

Personalized Content

Year in Review, Customer astrology, User-generated videos/images

Simplifying Excellence

Bespoke Innovation

Exceptionally creative and effective gamification solutions tailored to every clientā€™s unique needs and goals.ā€‹

Ultra Delivery

High-velocity and quality delivery for even the most demanding customers.ā€‹

Refined Process

Organization maturity and fully-developed delivery business process with transparencyā€‹.

Global Experts

World-class gamification solutions backed by a multinational team of experienced experts.ā€‹

Game Library

Explore our dynamic games library – a curated collection of game examples and gamification solutions for you to experience.


Pull the lever to align symbols and aim for rewards
in this classic game of chance

Cat Love Candy

Swap adjacent items to form sets of three or more,
aiming to clear the board and earn points.

City Runner

Keep running for as long as possible,
accumulating points and avoiding obstacles.

Lucky Wheel

Simply click to spin the wheel and await the outcome
- a game of chance where luck is your ally

Case studies

Our projects with impacts


Khai Le Dai Cat

Bring gamification to digital banking to increase customer engagement, awareness, and retention.


Lay's MAX Dalgona

Use gamification to launch new marketing campaigns, drive sales, and increase brand awareness.

7 eleven vietnam


Engaged customers and enjoyable shopping experiences on the 7Rewards app generated by applying gamification.

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