Xanh SM exploded with the “Green Tet” campaign – Welcoming the New Year 2024.

about Xanh SM

Xanh SM, also known as Xanh SM Taxi, is the first electric taxi brand in Vietnam, founded in March 2023 by Vingroup. Xanh SM operates in two sectors: electric taxi and electric car rental. With its pioneering mission to promote green mobility in Vietnam, Xanh SM provides environmentally friendly mobility services. Through this, the brand wishes to contribute to improving the quality of life for the people of Vietnam.Ā 

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The Challenge

Xanh SM faces many challenges in raising awareness of their brand and electric taxi service. By the time of New Year’s Eve, customer demand for cars increased sharply. Understanding this, Xanh SM developed the “Tet Xanh” campaign to emphasize the role of the brand associated with friendliness, environmental, and social responsibility. At the same time, the campaign encourages people to use green transportation during the New Year.Ā 

What did TriPlayZ do

The ā€œTet Xanhā€ campaign spreads the message of ā€œTet Xanh, full of giftsā€ through gamification integrated right into the Xanh SM app. The campaign uses the game as a test of luck, as well as the bold specificity of “Tet Xanh,ā€ achieving several significant goals:Ā 

  • “Shake the Tree” game to Receive Lucky Money:Ā The game provides an attractive experience integrated right into the Xanh SM application. Participants will have 10 turns to shake the tree every day to hunt for many valuable rewards. By participating in the 3-day campaign, customers have more opportunities to receive many great gifts.Ā 
  • Diverse Prizes:Ā The game offers a series of attractive prizes including “Xanh points” codes that help users accumulate points for future trips and a special prize of 2 pairs of round-trip airline tickets from Eva Airline worth millions of VND. This activity not only helps customers receive more incentives but also helps increase app visits as well as stimulate new users in the future.Ā 
  • Competitive Advantage:Ā The campaign brings a unique gamification experience, the first of its kind in the field of technology-driven applications. Pioneering this unique experience has helped Xanh SM improve the effectiveness of its marketing campaign, especially during Tet 2024.

The Results

The technology that we use to support the project ā€‹

Game Development
Integration within Techcombank Mobile App
Analytics and Data Tracking

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