Boosting Health and Engagement: The VitaDairy’s “Colos Gain” Campaign


VitaDairy, a key player in the dairy industry, has been dedicated to providing nutritious and high-quality dairy products to its customers. With a commitment to innovation, VitaDairy constantly strives to introduce new and beneficial products to the market. One such product is “Colos Gain,” a revolutionary addition to their product line aimed at promoting weight gain while boosting immune health.

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The Challenge

VitaDairy faced the challenge of effectively introducing “Colos Gain” to their target audience. They aimed to increase trial rates, drive engagement, and gather accurate customer information. Additionally, they sought to educate their customers about the nutritional benefits of “Colos Gain.”

What did TriPlayZ do

Introducing “Tăng Cân Nhanh, Miễn Dịch Khoẻ” (Gain Weight Quickly, Strong Immunity) – a captivating campaign designed to achieve VitaDairy’s objectives. Leveraging the popularity of match-3 games, reminiscent of Candy Crush, we deployed this engaging game on Zalo, a widely used social media platform in Vietnam.
Interactive Match-3 Game: We developed a match-3 game where players could match colorful icons representing “Colos Gain” products. Playing this game was not only entertaining but also educational, as each match triggered informative pop-ups about the product’s nutritional values.
Leaderboard and Rewards: Players were encouraged to play and climb the leaderboard, competing with friends and other participants. Achieving higher scores earned them exciting rewards and incentives directly from the VitaDairy brand.
Customer Information Collection: To ensure accurate customer information, participation in the game required users to provide essential details, allowing VitaDairy to build a comprehensive customer database for future engagement.

The Results

The technology that we use to support the project ​

Game Development
Zalo Platform Integration
Customer Data Collection Mechanism
Leaderboard and Rewards System

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